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‘Google Maps’ Got Major Updates: Check Out Its New Features


‘Google Maps’ Got Major Updates: Check Out Its New Features

Google has launched major updates on their Maps app.

On Google Maps‘ 15th anniversary, Google has prepared to launch major updates on the app. The app will be getting a new icon that reflects the color schemes of Google as well as new features.

New UI with 5 tabs

Previously the app only has three tabs on the bottom. The new update brought 5 tabs on the bottom: explore, commute, saved, contribute and update. Most of us are familiar with the first three tabs, while the fourth one is a shortcut to help users contribute.

Updates are for users to check out on the newest things that happened to places they previously visited, trending locations and recommendations provided by the app.

Live View mode has been added with real-time AR assistance to help you find your way while walking. It also adds more details such as how crowded a transportation mode is and if there are disability-accessible entries. In Japan, you can also see how many carriages are on the train.

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