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Google Is Sending Money Back To Pixel 4 Buyers, Why?


Google Is Sending Money Back To Pixel 4 Buyers, Why?

Better price it right next time.

Google wants to enter the high-end Android smartphone competition, adding $799 and $899 price tags to its Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL respectively. The price tags aren’t exactly surprising, but people quickly compared the prices to Apple’s iPhone 11 that launched before Google at a price tag below that, $699.

Most people don’t prefer to switch phones that operate on different OS, but even more, don’t care when you can save up $100 from the price difference. This leads Google to give promotions at the end of November and reduced the price by $200.

But what about people who loyally pre-ordered the phone and had to pay full price?

It appears that Google has reportedly returned a $100 price gap to its buyers in order to satisfy them. While the Pixel 4 itself is a great phone, the price gap is simply a bummer for many who’ve pre-ordered and then saw the price tag slashed down a month later.

Now sounds like a good time to get your hands on the Pixel 4 phone!

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