Google Pixel Buds is rumored to having an update that allows real-time translation.

Google Pixel Buds Will Receive ‘Hey, Google’ With Instant Translation

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Previously, Google Pixel Buds have shown quite the useful feature of providing real-live translation, turning it more than a pair of wireless buds. It’s powered by Assistant, but some users may have encountered times where they refrain using the Assistant on their phone as they have to reach for the phone to do so.

Rumors from 9to5Google are saying that your pair of Google Pixel Buds will soon get a new upgrade on its software, allowing it to listen to commands. Several users have also reported that their Google Pixels are equipped with voice command option, ‘Hey, Google’.

This may mean that you will be able to summon the Google Assistant through voice command instead of having to long-press the button and physically be on your phone. While the setting is there, the function is still broken, so we will most probably hear more about this in the near future.

Made by Google event is drawing close and that’s the most probable time where the engineer will be introduced. It is also possible that this is a new feature to be introduced with Pixel Buds 2nd generation. Made by Google is scheduled to happen on October 15th.

Stay tuned for more updates!