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Google Pixel 4 BIG LEAKS Reveal Phone Designs And Specs


Google Pixel 4 BIG LEAKS Reveal Phone Designs And Specs

We’ll see this October.

Google’s next generation of its flagship model has been leaked big time. We’re not only getting close up pictures or camera-captured screen as previously revealed by XDA Developers. From those two previous pictures, we’ve found out that the telephoto lens has been confirmed and that it will have a 6 GB RAM.

Although, we are not sure whether the telephoto will be digital, optical or hybrid.

Now, we get even more leaks from Reddit and YouTube.

The following pictures reveal the Pixel 4 will debut in two mainstream colors, black and white. The triple camera has a square housing, similar to iPhone 11 but in horizontal positions instead of vertical.

The black color appears to have a shiny finish that reflects backlight. The white housing appears to have a classy, matte finish.

The display also features a better body to screen ration with a slightly thicker bar on the upper part for advanced facial recognition technology.

On the other hand, Gadget Leaks have also revealed that Pixel 4 will debut in bright orange color. Furthermore, we have also covered additional specs and features the new Google Pixel 4 is rumored to come with.

The full revelation will most probably happen this October, the time of the year where Google usually plan their event.

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