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Google Pixel 4 Roundup: Stolen Feature From Apple and Pricing


Google Pixel 4 Roundup: Stolen Feature From Apple and Pricing

We’re finally getting a clearer look to how Google Pixel 4 is going to be like, what it will have, what makes it better than its predecessor and the price.

Google Pixel 4 Roundup: Stolen Feature From Apple and Pricing

First of all, congratulations to Google Pixel for finally getting two rear cameras. The official teaser from Google 4 gave that out with the rear design that shows a housing for at least two cameras on its back. And they are also featuring two front cameras, possibly one wide lens, and one in-depth.

The phone has no visible fingerprint scanner spot so it’s either been removed or moved to on-screen fingerprint. We lean more towards the latter, figuring that Google wouldn’t want to remove the feature a lot of people are relying on. But this won’t be their only security metrics available.

Pixel 4 won’t go with a notch and keeps several cutouts on its screen. What we’ve known is that this cutout will house Google’s Face ID as well as Project Soli radar system.

This Face ID is similar to that of iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Soli radar system detects gestures in 3D and recognizes them as commands on the device. The reason that we can be so sure about Face ID is because Google has been doing it out in public. They traded $5 gift cards to people willing to contribute to their data collection.

To create the perfect, accurate face recognition technology, they need as many data as possible. Here is the account of someone named George, an engineer, who traded his face for $5.

“I was sitting in the park on a sunny day, enjoying the weather and I see a few guys walking around approaching people with phones like they’re taking a survey,” George began.

“Eventually one of them works his way over to me and says something to the effect of ‘Hi, I work for Google and we’re collecting data to improve the next generation of facial recognition phone unlocking.’ I basically had to use selfie mode and move my face around to get different angles of my face,” he continued.

Google Pixel 4 Roundup: Stolen Feature From Apple and Pricing

Google Pixel 4 is also confirmed to be released at the end of October since a Verizon marketing calendar was leaked. Based on their previous ‘Made by Google’ events, new Pixel release has always been on the beginning of October with shipping at the end of the month.

As for pricing, no leak has particularly touched the subject, but since Pixel 2 XL was $850 and 3 XL had a $50 increase, Pixel 4 XL can start at $850 up to about $950. The Pixel 4 non-XL might have the same $100 price difference just like its previous models, so it can start from about $800 to $900.

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