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Google Stadia’s Amazing, But Here’s The Cons To Consider


Google Stadia’s Amazing, But Here’s The Cons To Consider

The company is relatively new to the gaming field. So what are the drawbacks?

Experts are believing that Google Stadia won’t matter for at least another year. That is a given considering other companies such as Sony Playstation has had decades of experience with a huge fanbase. Although, we all have to admit that Google’s proposing a very futuristic way of enjoying games, away from your usual offline gaming experience.

Stadia has finally launched on Tuesday and many people likened the game to Netflix, the giant streaming service for movies and series. But one thing people did not think of was the fact that while Netflix had thousands of titles to serve, Stadia barely had 22 titles available. They had added the last 10 titles on the last second.

At $129.99, players get a Stadia controller that comes in different colors, a Chromecast dongle, three months of usage and a free pass for a friend.

Its biggest drawback is having to rely on a Wi-Fi connection. While it does include streaming from 720p to 4K. Streaming at 1080p requires 50Mbps and at 4K, you’ll need 100Mbps. The requirements sound impossible to achieve in Subway, assuming that’s the most time you spend gaming.

The 22 titles you get to enjoy include new “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Final Fantasy XV”, but compared to the tens of thousands of games that have been made available on PlayStation Now (which doesn’t require high specs), Stadia is a platform not all gamers will enjoy.

Several reviewers have mentioned that when things fall into place, it works pretty damn well. If you own a good ISP, a 4K TV, a Pixel smartphone and doesn’t like downloading patches, this is a good set. What are the chances of having all three in one place, however?

Tech-savvy gamers will LOVE the fact that you can jump into the fun without having to queue. But if you’re on 1.4 GB rated modems, don’t try streaming at 4K or you’ll be pissed off big time.

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