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24 Hilarious Moments Best Friends Prove To Be Better Than Boyfriends


24 Hilarious Moments Best Friends Prove To Be Better Than Boyfriends

Can’t be separated from your prankmate, can you?

Who are best friends? Not all best friends can be your Valentine, nor do they make you feel so filled. But they are the people who go through thick and thin and put up with all your shenanigans. They are people ready to cover your back, sometimes literally, and even absorb the same love and hatred you have at spiders or ice-cream.

Maybe your boyfriend just lacks that common sense to detect your needs of snacks, but say no more – your best girl knows the exact flavor of a chocolate brand you need on your period or literally any other night.

1. We know it just won’t work with boyfriends.

Instagram | @samantha_holic

2. She also gifts you a lift in confidence.

Reddit | MoreLike-TurdCrapley

3. She always stays in character with no hesitation.

Instagram | @thedrunksavage

4. She will never leave, even when you’re both senile.

Instagram | @daddyissues_

5. Breaking up? Time for some revenge.

Instagram | @moore134

6. She is the support group you need.

Instagram | @daddyissues_

7. The things boys find gross are the things we’ll always be happy about.

Reddit | shaniyakov

8. We never report what has happened in our life.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

9. Need help? Say no more, fam.

Instagram | @mz_fancyface

10. She is also the best photographer you could ever get. For free.

Instagram | Instagram

11. A little hurdle goes a long way.

Facebook | Texts Only

12. She wants you to look your best, even when you don’t want to admit it.

Twitter | @hashbrownnouis

13. And her photography skills include providing the correct lighting.

Twitter | @laurlaur888

14. Sharing is caring.

Facebook | Relationship Memes

15. She’ll be there even at your lowest times.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

16. She’s the best shield from stranger.

Instagram | Instagram

17. Nothing like going to the movie with your BFF, right?

Reddit | in1987agodwasborn

18. They’ve got your back, yes, we meant that literally as well.

Reddit | haileenl

19. Being together for so long only means you both have the same weird ideas.

Reddit | ZorkfromOrk

20. The only person who’s willing to wear matching pink socks with unusual prints.

Reddit | tjmpepp

21. The kind of person who’ll compete on finding the best time to meetup.

Reddit | DonnieStarbuck

22. They also look out for you and leave notes when a big spider pass by.

Reddit | aubdurk7

23. And what they mean by pranks are some serious stuff you can’t pull out from.

Reddit | sansofsan

24. ‘I hit my BFF in the butt, I [thought] she was going to laugh but she did not. I am sorry.’

Reddit | DJCatfoodFace

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