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Somebody Shamed Brendan Fraser On His ‘Depreciated’ Looks, Gets Smashed In The Comments


Somebody Shamed Brendan Fraser On His ‘Depreciated’ Looks, Gets Smashed In The Comments

Never trample on people’s favorite, the end result might not be in your favor!

What has happened to Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser is an Icon of the 90s, for those who don’t know him. He has featured in movies like The Mummy and Encino Man. But currently, he appears to have fallen out of the spotlight over time.

His current appearance is definitely his choice. What more? He has a successful career, having appeared in about 30 films, so retiring to live in a quiet corner of the world enjoying the fruits of his labor should be understandable.

Well, Fraser hasn’t retired and has experienced quite a comeback, featuring in a film titled The Poison Rose and in TV series Titans, Condor and Trust.

There have, however, been some real and very difficult struggle faced by Fraser that has clearly affected his career. So, with an internet user uploading his before and after photo on Tumblr, a lot of people were quick to defend him.

Brendan, who’s a man at 50 honestly looks reasonably perfect in his after photos. Everybody is aging, don’t we?. Reacting, someone was quick to also point out that the off-the-cut paparazzi shot is not the only picture of Brendan flowing around the internet. A photo of him from a searingly honest and frank interview from an early this year was shared as well.

Nevertheless, the internet has a soft spot for this fellow legend from the 90s. Just like Keanu Reeves, he has negotiated with his ups and downs with kindness and humility. While both actors have had a share of rough times, they have come to be truly likable by fans.

Here’s How People Reacted To The Whole Story:

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