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School Found A Lost Purse From The 50s And It’s Like A Time Capsule For People Of The Generation


School Found A Lost Purse From The 50s And It’s Like A Time Capsule For People Of The Generation

Your name ‘Patti Rumfola’ lives on!

An individual at North Canton Middle School during the last spring came across an impressive piece, crammed in the corner of a wall, next to a locker was a tiny red purse firmly covered in spiderwebs and dust.

On getting a clearer view, the fortunate explorer deduced the purse had belonged to a young beautiful lady, Patti Rumfola. Going by further investigation, Patti was perceived to have been a student of the Middle School in the 1950s or 1960s and aged 14 when she lost her dear belongings.

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Last Spring, An Individual At North Canton Middle School Discovered A Mysterious Bag Belonging To Teenager Patti Rumfola

Posted on the North Canton City School’s Facebook page, the found purse from the 50s has since then garnered a lot of reaction online.

Internet users were so eager to find the owner of the lost purse, which is speculated to have gone missing 60years ago. Luckily, they did, but sadly, Patti had passed away in 2013.  On the other hand, her 5 children were excited about getting a glimpse into their mother’s world.

Patti Rumfola Was 14 When She Misplaced Her Purse

With many users taking an interest to know more about the teenager, the school shared her eulogy.

Her Purse Was Discovered Between A Wall & A Locker More Than 60 Years After It Was Misplaced

Patti was born to the world in 1942 and spent her life working as a teacher. She got married and had 5 children, but sadly passed away at age 71.

Users Further Found Out Patti Passed Away In 2013

She Worked As A Teacher In Annapolis, Maryland

The Purse Contained Snippets Of Her Life, Including Photos, Makeup, Tickets, & Library Cards

Her Obituary Reads: ‘She Loved The Ladies Of The Lakes And Her Book As Well As Quilting Clubs’

The Coins In Her Purse Was Shared To Her 5 Children

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