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Russian Man Chains Himself To McDonald’s To Prevent It From Shutting Down


Russian Man Chains Himself To McDonald’s To Prevent It From Shutting Down

“They have no right to close.”

Russians have been left heartbroken with Mcdonald’s shutting down its over 850 restaurants. And as a result, McDonald’s meals are being sold online at an exorbitant price for profit. While many have accepted the fate, one man has recently staged his last-minute protest outside one of Mcdonald’s eateries in Pushkin Square, Moscow.

The man is identified as Pianist Luka Safronov, the son of the famous Russian artist known as Nikas Safronov. 


“Closing down is an act of hostility against me and my fellow citizen,” Luka, as seen in a video, said.

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He continually yelled as customers rushed inside to grab their last Big Macs and other staples.  

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But eventually, police arrived and tried releasing his chains before two officers took Luka away.  

His demonstration came after the company president and CEO Chris Kempckinski explained to its employees that closing the stores was the right thing to do. Companies like Coca-Cola and even Starbucks have also announced they would suspend business and downgrade their ties in Russia. 


In a letter to the workers, Chris had stated: “As we move forward, Mcdonald’s will continue to assess the situation and determine if any additional measures are required. 

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He added: “At this juncture, it’s impossible to predict when we might be able to reopen our restaurants in Russia. We are experiencing disruptions to our supply chain along with other operational impacts. We will also closely monitor the humanitarian situation.

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