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Desperate Russian Filled His Fridge With McDonald’s After Restaurants Close


Desperate Russian Filled His Fridge With McDonald’s After Restaurants Close

A few people cash in selling Big Mac Meals for £250.

A competitive sale of Burgers has emerged in Russia after McDonald’s said it would close its 850 locations in Russia as western companies continue to pull out of the country amid Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. A photograph recently shared to Reddit shows a desperate resident jam-packed their fridge with at least 50 McDonald’s burgers, leaving no room for other groceries. 

A caption alongside the picture read: “McDonald’s is permanently closing in Russia here is my friend’s stash.”

noahstemann via Reddit

In response to the post, people pointed out it would be a good business opportunity if he tried to sell the burgers, while others jokingly questioned why he stashed up McDonald’s food. One person wrote: “Could probably leave it on the shelf, and it would still be good for months.” Another said: “So, what you’re asking is, this is a solid long-term investment with no risks?

With McDonald’s shuttering its restaurants, many people have decided to cash in and now sell Big Mac meals for eye-watering eyes from £250.

Posts on the Russian classified website Avito showed people attempting to sell bags of McDonald’s food while a few tried to make a profit by selling sauces.

One eager Russian had priced a Big Mach meal at £250 while another attempted to sell three bags of McDonald’s goods for £639. Another put a McDonald’s meal, including a big double mac, a double royal, two large portions of chips, 18 McNuggets, and Mozzarella dippers on sale for £255, claiming the meal was still warm in the advert. 

Some people attempted to sell pots of McDonald’s sauces, including the famous cheese sauce, for almost £40. 

Another seller tried to cash in on the closure by selling McDonald’s nuggets meal for £159, while another tried to sell 10 McChicken burgers and nine cheeseburgers for £191. However, hundreds of cars were seen queuing in the snow outside the fast-food joint a few days ago. One witness attested that the line stretched for almost half a mile. 

McDonald’s across Russia and Ukraine account for nine percent of its annual revenue, but now they are closing.

via Visual Karsa

On the other hand, the American company has claimed it would continue paying its 62,000 employees there who have poured their hearts and souls into McDonald’s brand. In an open letter to employees, the President and CEO Chris Kempckinski said closing those stores, for now, is the right thing to do. 

via Twitter

When the chain first opened in 1990, Russians were seen in long lines outside McDonald’s restaurants, with people eager to try out its menus.

via Getty Images/Clay Francisco

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