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Richard Wilkins Admires His Son’s ‘Bravery’ For Wearing Backless Dress At The Logie Awards


Richard Wilkins Admires His Son’s ‘Bravery’ For Wearing Backless Dress At The Logie Awards

He admires his bravery and style.

At the recently held Logie Awards, Christian Wilkins was praised by many for embracing a feminine look instead of the traditional tuxedo favored by men on the red carpet. Even as some trolled him, he had put his best fashion foot forward when he arrived on the event’s red carpet in a sheer, backless dress and wore his long blond hair loosely. 

Christian had also opted for hoof-style heels and accessorized with a necklace that draped down his back.

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He ensured the cameras caught him at every angle, especially as he flaunted his modelesque features, including his chiseled jawline. Reacting to her son’s appearance, Richard Wilkins has said he didn’t flinch and that his son is simply having fun with his choice of fashion ensembles. 

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The 68-Year-Old told The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential he admitted his son’s bravery and style.

The entertainment reporter added, “I don’t understand that (parents not being in their son’s corner), but I certainly am. I didn’t flinch when I saw Christian in that dress. I didn’t think much of it.” Richard admitted there’d been the odd time over the years when Christian has come down the stairs in an outfit he deemed a bit questionable.

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“It’s not all my cup of tea, I couldn’t pull it off. But he is doing it because he is having fun,” he insisted. 

Richard further praised his son for shaking things up with his bold sense of style. “I admire his bravery. He has great style. He is fashion-forward. I am boring in my black suit, black shoes, and a bow tie. I’m not shaking things up, am I?” This comes as Richard defended his son on Instagram last month after Christian was trolled online for his Logie Award outfit. 

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Richard fired back at critics after trolls suggested Christian, 26, was a disappointment to the family.

He raged: “So to anyone who dares to suggest that I am in any way “ashamed” of my son Christian for whatever reason. You are wrong! I could not be more proud!! He is an exceptional human being who will leave his stamp on the world long after his detractors have disappeared. I love you unconditionally.”

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Richard wasn’t the only one to defend Christian, with his Today show co-star Karl Stefanovic also voicing his support for the blond socialite.  

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“Beyond exceptional. He is a light. A beautiful human light. Who comes from beautiful humans? And light. Anyone who thinks otherwise ain’t worth knowing or paying attention to you. I love you guys so much. Soar higher,” Karl commented. Accordingly, Christian also hit back at a Twitter troll by mocking how some people react hysterically to me who like to wear dresses. 

“What is happening to the world!!!!? Masculinity is ending!!! Burn everything!!” Christian tweeted. 

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