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Rescuers Found An Abandoned Bunny Clinging To His Teddy Bear


Rescuers Found An Abandoned Bunny Clinging To His Teddy Bear

Nigel deserves a warm, loving family.

Stories about abandoned animals are always heartbreaking. And they definitely spell irresponsible owners, but also often come with backstories of those who suddenly could not afford taking care of the pets. Still, they could have tried finding someone who could or give up their pets responsibly.

Nigel the bunny was found abandoned on the side road in a cardboard box with his favorite teddy bear. Nigel is now with the RSPCA and has been rescued, but he’s still looking for a forever home now.

This is Nigel the bunny with his favorite teddy.


Both were rescued by RSPCA after they were alerted by someone.

Now, the two are waiting to be adopted a warm family!

The bunny was found on Turnham Road in Lewisham, South East London. A member of the public alerted the rescuers and fortunately, Nigel was found healthy without any injuries. Of course, the teddy was fine!

So far, more than 1,6k rabbit have been reportedly abandoned all around England and Wales. Rabbits have very cute appearances and calm demeanor. But they are actually high-maintenance creatures that can be easily stressed out.

And they are both healthy.

Nigel had probably been living with his fluffy bear before being kicked out of home. Now, he spends all the time around the teddy bear.

Animal Welfare Act 2006 restricts pet owners from abandoning their pets as it causes suffering and is an offense. thus, RSPCA actively searches for people who abandon pets they have rescued. They try to find out how and why are these animals abandoned and warn others from doing the same cruel thing to their pets.

RSCPA has also informed that there are several ways to give up a pet without abandoning them. That includes contacting a charity or rescue center to help find a new pet owner if returning them to the seller is impossible.

Nigel and teddy were found on this street inside a box.

The Internet sends a positive prayer for Nigel to find a new home.

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