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People Are Pouring Packets Of Ranch Seasoning Into Pickle Jars And Its Trending


People Are Pouring Packets Of Ranch Seasoning Into Pickle Jars And Its Trending

Would you try it?

There is a lot of food hacks, and we really mean like, a lot. You can just type ranch, and you’ll see a million tips and tricks to enjoying your Cheetos or anything with ranch down to easy homemade ranch sauce recipe and even reviews of these recipes.

Remember the easy lunch wrap tips and the fluffy bread recipe?

cookingwithayeh, abimhn

Or this feta recipe that made almost all the grocery stores in Finland run out of it because of how easy and good this is?!


Ranch seasoning in pickled jars is the next recipe, and this might come off really weird to you, but hold up!

It was popularized by Jen Curley, who goes by the handle name ‘snackqween’.


What you do is you basically dump a whole packet of dry ranch seasoning into a jar of pickles. And then, you wait for the flavor to be absorbed for 24 hours in the fridge.


It is such an easy way to enjoy your pickles in a new way, and a whole lot of people knew they just had to try it.


Skylarr’s ‘Oh my God’ reaction pretty much sums it up for a lot of pickles lovers.

@skyy_pop #stitch with @snackqween Trying Ranch Pickles Follow Me On Insta @SKYLARR_MARRRIE #ShadowAndBone #fyp #skyeatingshow #ranchpickles #pickles original sound – Skylarr

She shared, “It soo good honestly, I was scared but definitely did not disappoint.”

Keto dieters are also digging this recipe!

Everyone was raving it all over the internet.


How much are you willing to try it? It definitely looks and sounds good now!

@snackqween Should I drink the juice #pickles ♬ original sound – Jen Curley

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