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Quokkas Are The ‘Happiest Animal In The World’ And These Photos Prove It


Quokkas Are The ‘Happiest Animal In The World’ And These Photos Prove It

Natives of the Rottnest Island in Australia.

Here I am calmly scrolling through my social media page when I should have been doing something more productive. Got you, we all do this!

Anyway, while scanning through I saw an image of an impossibly adorable creature. It got me smiling and immediately I fell in love with it.

Specifically, here’s the incredible picture I came across with

Facebook | Zone Wild And Nature

Just look closely at that face!

It’s apparent that I need to discover more about this happy creature which is well known as Quokka.

Generally, the Quokkas are a native to Rottnest Island in Australia. They are however from the Kangaroos family

Facebook | Zone Wild And Nature

Of course, there’s obviously a resemblance. Just look at this creature’s feet! Reportedly,  these nocturnal mammals are called wanderers. They wander into campsites and yards assisting one another to fetch food and trash.

They’re ludicrously quite comfortable with humans


Apart from their incredible faces, taking a Quokka selfie is an important part of any tourist experience. And surprisingly, their popularity has assisted conservation efforts.

Instagram | @quokkaism

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