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Queen’s Net Worth And Inheritance King Charles Will Receive


Queen’s Net Worth And Inheritance King Charles Will Receive

In 2017, the Queen was valued in the billions by consultancy firm Brand Finance.

Queen Elizabeth II and the entire royal family are reportedly worth €78 billion, but Her Majesty’s wealth, according to a 2021 estimate by Forbes, is closer to the €490 million mark through investments, art, jewels, and real estate. The consultancy firm Brand Finance had in 2017 emphasized the queen was valued in billions.

The actual net worth of the monarch remains undisclosed by ‘The Firm’ and possibly never will be. 

Of those who have a share in the British Monarchy assets of €78 billion, Forbes disclosed the family members along with the Queen are King Charles and his wife, the Queen Consort Camila, Prince William and his wife Kate – the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter, the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward and his Sophie, known as the Countess of Wessex.

Following the Queen’s death at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, many questioned who are fortunes would go to. 

In 2021, The Guardian reported the queen had successfully convinced the British government to change the law in the 1970s to hide her exact level of wealth, claiming it would be embarrassing for the public to know. Nonetheless, Forbes has revealed that King Charles III will inherit the ‘majority of the Queen’s €490million, including multiple castles.

Thanks to his new role as King, Charles is now one of the wealthiest people in England. 

And while the financing that makes ups wealth behind the crown is quite complex, New York Times had reported the ‘Firm’ remains an enterprise that reaches well beyond the royals themselves, covering private secretaries, communications, heads of households, advisers, ladies in waiting, domestic servants, footman, chauffeurs and all the other people who work in the palaces and the lives of the royals who live in them.

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