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NRLW Coach Defends Indigenous Star Who Called The Queen ‘A Dumb Dog’


NRLW Coach Defends Indigenous Star Who Called The Queen ‘A Dumb Dog’

Ronald Griffiths stood by the indigenous star and left it up to the Integrity Unit.

The Indigenous star Caitlin Moran sent shockwaves worldwide following her social media post, in which she described the monarch as a dumb dog on the day of her death. The post, regardless of background or beliefs, was condemned given the highly-sensitive nature of the day. 

The tweet was left up for almost 9-hr before being deleted but showed the NRLW star’s lack of remorse. 

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“Todays a good f**king day, uncle Luke (country singer Luke Coombs) announces his tour,,, and this dumb dog (Queen Elizabeth) dies. Happy f***ing Friday,” Moran had written in the since-deleted Instagram Post. Among the numerous angered by the post was Ray Hadley of the 2GB show. 

Hadley alleged it’s the most reprehensible thing “I’ve ever seen connected to rugby league.”

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He added: “If she plays tomorrow (for the Knights against the Roosters), it will be a disgrace of monumental proportions.” But Moran indeed played, and the NRL announced their integrity Unit would be looking into the comments, but in the meantime, she will play for Newcastle in their heartbreaking 18-16 loss to the Roosters.

Of the decision to allow her to play, Newcastle coach Ronald Griffiths has defended his star.

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The proud Gommerio, as per DailyMail, said: “I wasn’t worried. The relationship between Indigenous people and the monarchy is a complicated one. If Caitlin has done something, it will be investigated by Integrity Unity, and we’ll work our way through the process. We’re talking a little bit of negativity with Caitlin.

“But if we look at we’re she’s come from in 2017, she wins us the World Cup and does her knee the year after and has probably in the wilderness since then.”

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Coach Ronald added: “Those are the sort of things we need to look at and celebrate. We believe she’s gone from strength to strength.” Following this, Hadley has since doubled down on his criticism, saying he was floored that the Knights took no action against the star and instead focused on celebrating her. He remarked it’s mind-numbing the club has done nothing.

Hadley added as hit back: “Newcastle going on like a busted behind on the football field and now I’m starting to see why. The standard accepted is the standard they live by.”

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In the game against the Roosters, Moran had put on a spectacular try, but fans were left unimpressed. Someone wrote on Twitter: “Letting Caitlin Moran play after her disgusting post about Queen Elizabeth’s passing is inexcusable. The Knights are f***ed.” Another labeled the decision to allow her to play as an actual f***ing disgrace. 

Many lashed the double standards, with one pointing out Raiders coach Ricky Stuart had been copped a one-match suspension and $25K fine for calling Panthers player Jaeman Salmon a weak-gutted dog. 

However, while most people in Australia applauded the Queen for her devoted service, some indigenous figures weren’t nice in describing her legacy. Sandy O’Sullivan of the Department of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University posted a thread saying that expecting Aboriginal people to react respectfully is outrageous. Aboriginal Tent Embassy ambassador Gwenda Stanley went further, saying it should be a happy time, not a time of grief. 

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Stanley also told Sydney Morning Herald: “If anything, it’s something (Queen’s death) to rejoice for many colonies around the world. Although she had many visits to Australia, there’s still the injustice of the genocides that she’s going to her grave with.” However, Moran will have to face the NRL Integrity Unit, and whether she’s sanctioned for the post or not, it’s already the talk of the world. 

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