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Post About The Harsh Reality Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Goes Viral


Post About The Harsh Reality Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Goes Viral

What do you think of stay-at-home mothers?

It takes a lot of courage to accept one’s fault/mistakes. Being an important step for personal growth, a mother identified as Bridgette Anne Armstrong is certainly on the right track.

Bridgette joined the motherhood universe one and a half years ago and when her child, Riley started growing up, she came to terms with how unjust she was to have judged every stay-at-home parent.

Bridgette, from Minnesota, then turned to Facebook to share with users what she had learned over time. Her honest words immediately struck a chord and her very truthful article, dubbed as an emotional post has garnered over 31K positive reactions and over 90K shares.

Perfectly describing the daily struggles of a parent, Bridgette’s post might, however, tear you up.

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Bridgette Anne
Bridgette Anne
Bridgette Anne

Bridgette observed that people are mostly judgmental when it comes to stay-at-home parents, mainly because it has no monetary value. ‘There’s this stigma around it, you know we just sit at home all day and put our kids in front of the TV and play around with our smartphones, and that it’s not really hard work. I don’t think people understand the loneliness and isolation that comes with just interacting with a child for the majority of times. It’s super draining at times.’ Bridgette said.

Finding a way to win over her feelings at a low-point during the day, Bridgette revealed she tells herself it’s only a temporary phase. ‘This is a phase and it won’t be here forever. I know there will come a moment when all this will be gone and I miss this as well.’ Bridgette added.

Speaking to Bored Panda, the stay-at-home mom continued: ‘If there’s one important thing I have learned from this phase, it’s that I am not alone in feeling this way. I have come to witness some people stay silent about these feelings in fear of what others would think. I am hoping to launch a conversation about the stigma that surrounds stay-at-home parents and perhaps might allow others who do feel the same to talk about it.’

Internet Users Reacted Positively To Bridgette’s Sincere Post

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