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Working Mom’s Confession Goes Viral As She Leaves The Office At Exactly 5 P.M.


Working Mom’s Confession Goes Viral As She Leaves The Office At Exactly 5 P.M.

Family always comes first.

Nothing is more beautiful than a child that is smiling and laughing as they play with it. But having a child comes with the responsibility to be financially able as well as there for them. Mothers spend 25 hours on paid work a week just in 2016 and that’s higher than ever.

Jamie Johnson wrote an emotional confession on how work life will never be her priority in life. She owns a parenting blog ‘MomFail’ which quickly resonates with just any working parent who is especially single. Things happen and one way or another, you end up having to work and still be there for your child.

You end up becoming a warrior who fights to earn money and still be there for your kids.


She had her first boy at 29 and she needed the money for her family. Even when she and husband both own a master’s degree, they cannot rely solely on her husband’s special education teacher’s salary alone.

Here’s the post.

Jamie also explains that she’s really thankful that none of her employers have had issues with her full-time work while juggling with her family life. She also always gets her work done before leaving. She is also thankful that her parents have been there to help out when they need it.

She is also defending other working moms, saying, “Just because you have children at home doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at what you do. I work from home when I have to so I get the job done.”

All working moms have got Jamie’s back.

And we can all agree with one thing here: Everyone has a life and staying way beyond working hours should never be the norm! Women and mothers should never be looked down upon because they can just be as precious and beneficial to a company like any other employee.

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