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People Share Unforgettable Rude Celebrity Encounters With Photo Proofs


People Share Unforgettable Rude Celebrity Encounters With Photo Proofs

Maybe they were just fed up. But still…!

Celebrities work hard to maintain a positive image on TV. But what kind of people are they when the camera is off? Many people praise stars who do not seem to fake their smiles and kindness, even towards fans and strangers. But some come off as really rude and offensive, as these TikTok users say!

Ryan Michael Annese from Michigan started with his experience and prompted others to share theirs.


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Ellen DeGeneres

“I saw Ellen at In-N-Out. My mom’s a huge fan, so I wanted to get an autograph for her, but I didn’t have anything for her to sign. All I had was an In-N-Out bag. This is what she said to me: ‘Get away from me. You’re invading my personal space. This is not a charity.’ And then she slammed the car door. Like, chill, Ellen, I just want an autograph for my mom, but whatever.”

The video has been viewed almost 200k times with over 15k likes. Over 1k comments flood the reply sections where people shared their encounters with celebrities as well!

Kourtney Kardashian

“As I was leaving my birthday dinner, I ran into Kourtney Kardashian. She’s in a group of people, she was chatting. I waited for her to finish. I politely walked up to her and I tapped her on the shoulder, told her it’s my birthday, and asked for a picture. She stared at me, looked me up and down, and said, “‘Sure.” Before my friend could even take the picture, she was like, ‘Are we done here?'”hannah.krystinag

People Share Unforgettable Rude Celebrity Encounters With Photo Proofs

Miley Cyrus

“Miley Cyrus, hands-down, met her at a meet and greet at her concert; attitude up the wazoo and not friendly.”vidhunter2021

Gwen Stefani

“Gwen Stephani, 1995, at a meet & greet. I got to the shop just as the sesh was wrapping up & she refused my autograph. She hasn’t even gotten up from the booth. I walk up & she says in a snotty tone, ‘I’m going shopping.'”smorepie 

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“Twice, but I deserved it. Somehow, I managed to walk on set in NYC while he was filming scenes in two different shows about 10 years apart. He wasn’t really mean, but annoyed. It was well deserved. I literally walked through two different shots. No clue how I managed to not notice cameras, etc.”mocaloca75

Machine Gun Kelly

“I was 19. He invited me to meet up. He liked my photo (on Instagram) and I was fangirling like crazy. And he DM’ed me and I thought I was going to die. We ended meeting up. I accidentally called him ‘sis,’ and he cussed me out, calling me a ‘dumb b**ch,’ a ‘weird b**ch.’ I started crying and I left. We never saw each other again. Have fun, Megan Fox.”emmielamp

Brooke Shields

“About 10 years ago, I was in the city. I went to see ‘Addams Family’ on Broadway. I was such a huge fan of Brooke Shields growing up because people always told me I looked like her, and it was a huge compliment. So, we’re hanging around after the show, and I couldn’t wait to meet her. She comes out, and she’s a little cold to everyone. I was giddy. When she gets to me, I asked her, “Can I take a picture with you?” She goes, ‘I’m not taking a picture with you. You can take a picture of me.’ So I grabbed my phone for a second, and she goes, ‘Take it. TAKE IT. TAKE IT.’ Looking back, I wish I said, ‘Forget it.'”raisingsunshineinc

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Jeffree Star

“My daughter saw Jeffree Star in Target, and he was super snotty. So she snapped a pic of him, and he called her a creep.”jacci_pat

Nev Schulman

“Summer, 2019. Me and my best friend; we go to the VMAs because we won seat filler tickets. I got seated next to Nev from ‘Catfish’ and his wife. His wife was super nice, super sweet. So, the Hadid sisters were behind us. Gigi was sitting on Bella’s lap — she didn’t have a seat. So, Nev points to me and goes, “Wanna sit here?” Basically, signaling to me that I don’t exist, that I’m not in the chair. Just like, he can kick me out so she can sit there.”literalbrooke

Justin Bieber

“I was dating a guy who was dancing for the celebrity at the time, and we went to a party and the celebrity was there. I was a huge fan at the time, so I worked up the courage to ask for a photo. He grabs my shoulder and he’s like, ‘We’re not doing that right now’ where he’s doing the massage thing. And I’m like, okay. I understand. There’s a time and a place, and I totally respect that. But that’s not the bad part.

Fast forward, there’s a photo booth at this party, and I’m taking cute pics by myself, minding my own business. Along comes the celebrity, he said, “Can you move? I wanna take a picture.” He was really that rude. I was like, “You can wait in line like everyone else.” This goes on for a while. I’m like, “What if I don’t move?” He’s like, “No what-ifs. Just move.” Finally, I gave in. I was just so humiliated. Little did I know, my friend snapped this photo. Notice how he’s in my face.”bernalyssa

People Share Unforgettable Rude Celebrity Encounters With Photo Proofs

Anthony Mackie

“Let me preface this with it’s totally OK for celebrities to say no to people wanting to take a picture. But it’s not OK to be rude and disrespectful. So, my husband recognized him. I asked him for a picture. He didn’t even acknowledge me; he just looked at his friend and made a face like, ‘I knew this was gonna happen,’ for a long period of time without even acknowledging me yet. He finally looks at me and goes, ‘I’m off.’ I go, ‘Oh, OK! Is that a no?’ He goes, ‘It’s absolutely a no.'”alexxx_robinson

Helen Hunt

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Helen Hunt. I went to see her on Broadway in 2003. I waited outside; I wanted her to sign a photo. I had some flowers and a card. She walked by me, she said, “I don’t take flowers from the outside public.” Then, she signed the picture. I asked for a hug. (Stupid, I know.) She said, “No.” Then she yelled at me for making her nervous and told me to step back. Her voice echoed. Very rude woman, very mean. I was 16 at the time.scentgent

People Share Unforgettable Rude Celebrity Encounters With Photo Proofs

Hilary Duff

“My friend and I were at Saks in NYC in 2006 with our parents. My friend had one celebrity they were obsessed with — Hilary Duff. All of a sudden, we board the elevator and see Hilary. My friend asks for an autograph and/or a hug — just something. Hilary looks at her and goes, ‘Ugh, it’s my day off,’ and walks off the elevator.”cora_theexxplorerc

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