People Fed Up With Others Who Let Their Kids Mistreat Pets Explain How Stupid And Dangerous It Is

People Fed Up With Others Who Let Their Kids Mistreat Pets Explain How Stupid And Dangerous It Is

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Animals are to be loved. They are to be cuddled and showered with so much love and beyond. They are even to be forgiven when they create whatever mischief.

Over time, humans have shared quite a close bond with some domestic animals that make it quite easy to forget how beloved they once were. Have you ever imagined punching your dog to the very extend it can’t handle it anymore?

Who is to blame? Internet users on this thread are, however, tired of others allowing their kids to maltreat pets while also explaining the danger involved. It’s sincerely the high time for every dog owners across the world to take full responsibility for their actions.

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Mindaugas Sejunas, a Cynology expert has discredited the popular saying that all dogs love and protect kids in an interview with Bored Panda. ‘There are several clips on the internet that show children riding dogs and everyone is bragging on Facebook about how well their dog and kids get along. A lot of parents decided to get a dog for their children so that the little one stays occupied. Many think of a dog as a perfect guardian and this is the biggest mistake any adult can make.’ Mindaugas said.


He continued: ‘There’s this popular story about a dog that was abandoned with a crying child. The child’s mom got irritated and shouted at the kid and left the room. On returning to the kitchen, she witnessed her child’s throat being torn all apart and the dog was put down.’

Nevertheless, it’s very important that parents show their children how best to treat a dog, how to play with them while also enjoying their company. It’s advisable to tell little ones that a dog sometime doesn’t like to be disturbed when eating or sleeping as it might be very dangerous.

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