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People Can Swim With Tiny Otters At This Barn, And The Pics Are Amazing


People Can Swim With Tiny Otters At This Barn, And The Pics Are Amazing

Try not to drown in cuteness!

In a rural area of Louisiana, Barn Hill Preserve stands to provide conservation effort as well as sharing educations on animals. And recently, the place has been gaining popularity as people are sharing pictures from their experience at the site.

And Green Lemon can vouch for the adorableness. You can definitely relief some stress and schedule for one this weekend!

This site is a federally licensed place that provides swimming experience with otters. This is only one of many experiences that are offered at the place. President/CEO of Barn Hill Preserve, John “Gabe” Ligon explains that they have a wide range of animals, such as red kangaroos and African servals living in their wide exhibits.

Asian small-clawed otters typically swim for around 35 minutes and participants get to swim for about an hour with them in the pool. Only limited number of otters swim together and this keeps the experience positive for both sides. The otters are never forced to do anything and the participants are encouraged to let them be. Toys are provided.

Otters only swim with people once a day and a few days a week. Participants also have to book an appointment except for October and November.

The barn is passionate about improving people’s knowledge about wild animals like these Asian small-clawed otters. This species is currently listed as Vulnerable due to human’s habitat loss, poaching and pollution.

So cute!

These adorable things also have their own hidden backyard home where they can hide when not feeling social.

People are loving these lil creatures.

Meanwhile others think it’s ‘not natural’.

But Barn Hill Preserve knows what they’re doing.

So, when will you plan your visit?

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