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People Are Showing Their Before And After ‘Veneers’ Pics Without Knowing The Reality


People Are Showing Their Before And After ‘Veneers’ Pics Without Knowing The Reality

It is like purposely hurling yourself into thousands of dollars of maintenance fee.

TikTok is always trending with new things every other day. One day it was ‘Hot mum check,’ and now it’s ‘Veneers check.’ Trends are fine as long as they spread no dangerous information, but this latest one may appear to be pretty bad in the eyes of dentists and orthopedists.

Initially, they seem amazing because these ‘veneers’ fix turkey and shark teeth formation.

But it turns out dentists have very different ideas and are alarmed with how they’re portrayed as amazing.


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People Are Showing Their Before And After 'Veneers' Pics Without Knowing The Reality 13

Teeth health is important, and having neat teeth does help in not just appearance but also for your digestive system. However, this temporary fix to ‘shark teeth’ maybe posing more danger and harm to you than help!

Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri decided to bring people’s attention to misinformation around the trend.


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Commenting on a woman who did crowning on her teeth but tagging it as veneers, the doctor said that if one does it at the age of 19, they will have dentures when they hit 40. It’s not only just to be physically burdening on them, but also financially because those crowns wear off.

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In a recent post on her Instagram, the UK-based dentist wrote, “You may have heard these terms be used interchangeably on social media with many people going abroad for their treatment and referring to their restorations as veneers when they actually appear to be crowned instead.”

“Veneers and crowns are both restorations that can be used to cover the teeth for various reasons.”

However, these trending TikTok videos are NOT veneers; they are crowns!

“Veneers are thin shells of material (e.g., they can be made of porcelain, composite, or gold) that are often used to cover the outside (surface facing outwards towards the lip) or sometimes the inside (surface facing towards the palate) of the tooth,” she continued. In addition to being very thin, sometimes teeth don’t need any preparation to have veneers added.

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But crowning requires a lot of preparations and may remove your teeth structure to do it. The risks of getting teeth sensitivity, infections, and essentially damaging your teeth permanently is much higher because a drill is used.

Not to mention that both procedures are high maintenance, as to how cosmetic dentistry has always been. With veneers and crowns, you will need them restored every 10-15 years, and whenever this is done, the dentist will have to shave through more of your teeth until it can’t be ‘restored’ anymore.

She warns people when it comes to choosing their dentist and being ‘cheap’ about it. Or following trends that may be dangerous.

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