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People Are Posting Hilarious Pics Of Tibetan Mastiffs, And They Look Truly Gentlest Giants


People Are Posting Hilarious Pics Of Tibetan Mastiffs, And They Look Truly Gentlest Giants

Densely-coated dogs looking so calm and mellow!

The Tibetan Mastiff breed is quite an age and over time, Tibet has always been so isolated, that we might never have to discover them. But, one thing is clear and certain about them, they are normally huge. Specifically, Tibet females are around 24inches and weigh 70-120pounds while their males grow to be at least 26inches and weigh 90-150 pounds.

To really show you how huge they are, some internet users are sharing cute and hilarious photos of their Tibetan Mastiffs and Greenlemon couldn’t just resist them.

So, we’ve compiled 20 photos that prove they are truly the cutest and gentlest giants ever. So Enjoy!

#1 Hey Norbu, Stop Being So Cute, My Heart Skip At A Glance


#2  Nothing More Like Family!


The Tibetan Mastiffs are recognized as a large Tibetan dog breed belonging to the mastiff family. Originating from nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, India, Nepal and Mongolia, they are mostly used to protect sheep from tigers, bears, wolves and many others.

#3 My Favorite Little Human And Furry Baby


#4 This Make Up A Fulfilling Dream


Breeders have differentiated the two types of Tibetan Mastiff – The Tsang-khyi and Do-Kyi. The Tsang-khyi (Dog from Tsang) is referred to as the monastery, meaning heavier, heavily boned, facial wrinkling and generally tall. On the other hand, the Do-Khyi is referred to as the nomad type.

#5 Am I Permitted To Ride The Front Seat, Mumma!

#6 The Adorable Dad And Son Moment


#7 Just Take A Close Look At Them, Too Adorable


#8 Hail The Kings Of Dogs

#9 So Yummy!


#10 Here We Go, Say Cheese!


#11 The Shedding Off-Season


Nevertheless, leaving a Tibetan Mastiff outside with neighbors all night is not recommended. The giant-looking dogs often sleep during the day, which in turn makes them more alert, active and very much aware at night.

#12 Fully-Grounded Tiny Pup


#13 Me And My Lovely Dogs, Nobody Else


14 The First Snow Nose Plant Of The Season


#15 Walking Majestically And Receiving Compliments


#16 A Tibetan Mastiff


#17 Meet Dorje With His Fully Grown Tervuren Sister


#18 The Majestic Tibetan Mastiff


#19 The Best Sleeping Position


#20 Here Again, The Tibetan Mastiff

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