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Office Employees Are Discouraging From Using Plastic By These Pics Of Greta Thunberg


Office Employees Are Discouraging From Using Plastic By These Pics Of Greta Thunberg

Do you think shaming people for using plastic will work out?

One of the most effective means to make people think about their impact on the environment is to honestly show them the disapproving stare of environment activist, Greta Thunberg.

And that’s what Israeli office workers believe will help save the world. Many offices in Jerusalem and in Tel Avivi presently have photos of Greta placed near plastic cups in a bid to discourage their usage.

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Office workers in Israel believe that Greta’s stare will discourage people from using plastic

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The sternly looking images of Greta on plastics were seen in several Isreali organization. Greta’s face was placed near every single-use coffee cups, plastic cutlery and drink stirrers.

Also seen at the office of the newspaper Haaretz in Isreal, the young activist, Greta has become a controversial figure among the numerous people who plan on saving the environment.

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The Swedish teenager had repeatedly said she’s on the right track for insisting on climate justice and immediate change. With many believing that Greta’s goal is the best, some critics say Greta’s intense rhetoric gives climate change deniers more ammunition.

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Just recently, Leonardo met with Greta and says they will support one another. Accordingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger had offered the young girl a Telsa and called her his ‘friend and hero.’

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Here’s How People React To The Initiative:

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