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Nursing Home Apologizes For Hiring A Stripper To Entertain Residents


Nursing Home Apologizes For Hiring A Stripper To Entertain Residents

The nursing home admitted that the dancer’s actions were too enthusiastic and fiery.

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the nursing home – Taoyuan Veterans Home, employed the services of an adult entertainer to put on a display for the elderly, many of which were in wheelchairs. The Festival is a significant holiday in Asian culture where people celebrate the rice and wheat harvests of the season. 

The yearly celebration is also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, and it fell on Sept. 10th in, 2022. 

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An attendee at the Veterans nursing home captured the moment and posted it on Facebook. The 35-second video shows a dancer in revealing clothing, entertaining a group of roughly a dozen men in wheelchairs. As per New York Post, the adult entertainer could be seen lying down on the floor right in front of a senior before straddling the air. 

The dancer also performed a brief lapdance for one of them. 

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Shäkirä Isäbël/Facebook

Later, she tenderly stroked the man’s bald head as she concluded her performance with him. The dancer bounced up and down in front of an old man, who squeezed her b**sts, resulting in an eruption of laughter. As seen, the men really enjoyed the show as they clapped as well as laughed out loud. 

However, the residents and the stripper ensured to remain COVID-safe, wearing face masks throughout the erotic show. 

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Shäkirä Isäbël/Facebook

The video, since posted, has received criticism and has been watched over 25,000 times. Hundreds took to the comment of the post to share their views on the subject matter. One person wrote: “Really! Why would they think that something like this would be appropriate for everyone in this audience?” Another said: “This is stupid and ridiculous. How about treating them well and with dignity, respect, and honor.” 

Due to backlashes being more than applause, the senior facility has issued a public statement.

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Nursing Home Apologizes For Hiring A Stripper To Entertain Residents 15

It reads: “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offense that was caused.” A spokesman for the nursing home added the COVID pandemic forced the home to cancel the celebrations for the last two years while admitting the erotic dancer’s actions were too enthusiastic and fiery and promised to be more cautious going forward. 

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Shäkirä Isäbël/Facebook

A few defended the nursing home’s decision, with one stating: “God forbid these men get one last interaction with a scantily clad woman before their quickly approaching demise.”

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Shäkirä Isäbël/Facebook

Another echoed the defense: “Don’t know, Grandpa seems to be enjoying himself. It also seems that everyone else was clapping their hands. I say, let them enjoy themselves.” The Taoyuan Veterans Home offers long-term care for people with dementia and other disabilities. It’s a government-run organization that caters to retired army personnel. 

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