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Vicar Who Quit To Join Onlyfans Makes £76k A Month Says Her ‘Dreams Came True’


Vicar Who Quit To Join Onlyfans Makes £76k A Month Says Her ‘Dreams Came True’

She’s also going through a divorce in her life.

Nikole Mitchell was a pastor in her church for six years. But ever since then, she’s given up her pastor position for a job on OnlyFans. The 36-year-old with three kids could finally say that she’s had her dreams come true.

The year 2020 was hard for many people, but it was still an awesome year for her.


She was from Ohio and currently resides in California’s Orange County with her three kids. She is currently facing a divorce from her husband as well. 2020 might have been awful, but for Nikole, it was one year she won’t ever forget.


She shared her feelings on Instagram, “I just wrapped up another TV segment on Fox26, and I’m in AWE of all the dreams that have come true this year. Going viral. Being interviewed around the world. Being sought out as a life coach expert on TV. Filming my first lead in a film.”

Vicar mom dreams come true onlyfans 1

“Being reached out by celebrities and stars who want to connect and collaborate.”

Nikole shares that she’s also making way more in a month than her previous annual earning, and she gets to meet many amazing people. She continued, “Having the most powerful support in my corner. Going to Hawaii! And having producers and bookers reach out to me.”

Her reason for quitting the church was when she saw the parts about her bisexuality and mixed race origin were deleted. She quit on 2017.

Nikole now makes £76,000 every month.

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Encouraging others to make the change they feel they need, she said, “There will always be reasons why now is not the right time, but I’m telling you – now is ALWAYS the right time. I put myself out there; I shared my dreams with my inner circle and invested in support. THAT’S how I got where I am today.”

The Pastor-turned-Stripper has so far appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, NY Post, & SiriusXM. She would share raunchy pictures on Instagram and currently has 125k followers there.

“Now is always the right time.”


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