Attorney Went Viral For Calling Out The Sexism She Faces As A 'Professional' Woman

Attorney Went Viral For Calling Out The Sexism She Faces As A ‘Professional’ Woman

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Professional attorney Rachel Diane is tired of the discrimination people are showing because her private life doesn’t look like an attorney’s.

Sorry, what? What do people even expect attorneys to be like in real life? To always read up books about laws and be involved in volunteer works? Wear a pair of glasses and walk around in heels, even to the grocery store?

Apparently, yeah… if you take pictures like Rachel below, people will think you’re not professional.

She clears things up: one’s past and private life should NOT define their professionalism.


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She works as a licensed attorney in California and opens up that she’s worked nightlife in order to pay for her tuition. She also owns a cosmetics company, My Royalty Cosmetics, that donates a part of its profit to help legal works for children in need.

“Let me be clear about something: I have been a go-go dancer, I have been a bottle girl, and I have been a stripper.”


“And nothing of what I just said makes me any less of a professional. Nothing of what I just said makes me any less of a phenomenal attorney,” she emphasized.


She presented her proof, “This does not bother you. This is not unprofessional to you. This is a great example of work-life balance to you.”

Yet, in a similar setting with a similar outfit, she pointed out, “But this is disrespectful. This is unprofessional. This is a disgrace to a ‘professional’ field.”

She continued, “So you do not have a problem with professionals living their lives, enjoying their lives, [or] having a past. Because those first three examples, they were all doctors and lawyers, and you didn’t have a problem with any of them.”

“The last example was me. Still a lawyer, but now I’m a woman.”

She continued unapologetically, “I’ve been arrested more than once. I almost failed out of college. I failed a class in law school as well… When I go out drinking, I have no problem having my *ss out, shaking for the world. When I go out to the beach, I have no problem wearing a provocative bikini and shaking it on a yacht while my friends pour champagne on me. When I go out, I have no problem wearing see-through clothing and fishnets.”

“I can be hot as f**k and still be a lawyer,” she laid her case.

The men feeling insecure have been attacking Rachel for spending time on her makeup.

One person agreed wholeheartedly, “Men are threatened by powerful women.”

She shared that she was once told, “Why are you wasting your pretty face? You can be hired so the clients could have something to look at.”

She’s clearly undisturbed. So if men can have a family, hobbies, and vacation, so can women!