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‘My Mom is Pregnant With My BF’s Baby – It’s The Ultimate Betrayal’


‘My Mom is Pregnant With My BF’s Baby – It’s The Ultimate Betrayal’

Vanessa was devastated by a phone call from her mom where she admitted her betrayal.

An American woman, Vanessa, has shared with the internet the heartbreaking moment she discovered her mom is having her boyfriend’s baby as she tries to heal from the betrayal. Taking to TikTok, she posted several videos explaining how the ordeal turned her life upside, confirming she hasn’t been in communication with her mom.

Vanessa claimed her partner’s infidelity came to light while on holiday in Mexico, as her distraught mom disclosed the news over the phone. 

Mum Pregnant By Daughter BF 1

“It all started when I was on a girl’s trip in Mexico. Roe v. Wade just got overturned that morning, and I was calling all the women in my life to see how they were and to check on them. When I got to my mum she was distraught, crying. I didn’t think anything of it because she’s a woman, raising a woman in America, and she knows other women who would be affected by this.”

“Two days later I call my mum just to check on her and she’s still audibly distraught, you could tell she’d be crying,” said Vanessa. 

@julesv0923 Story time on how I found out my mom and boyfriend were sleeping together #fyp #cheater #heartbroken #family #storytime ♬ you broke me first – Tate McRae

She added that her mom told her after a few minutes that she was PREGNANT. Vanessa was excited for her mom, but as the situationship came to light, she was left devastated. “When she told me I was just congratulating her and talking about the next steps. I said Have you booked the first ultrasound and [asked] how are you feeling, making funny jokes talking about [baby] names.”

Her mom eventually cut her off and admitted she was having a child with Vanessa’s BF, who she named John to keep him anonymous. 

Mum Pregnant By Daughter BF 2

“I asked her to repeat because keep in mind I’m a little bit drunk, I’m in Mexico come on, I was like ‘what? And then she says it’s John. After I heard that, my soul left my body, and everything that came after that I was not ready for.” Vanessa’s next action was to instantly block her mom and BF. She also ended her trip to fly home and move out of the house where she’d been living with her BF, now ex.

Shockingly, as Vanessa arrived home, her belongings had been cleared out. 

Mum Pregnant By Daughter BF 5

As per a follow-up clip, she later discovered that it was a ploy by her boyfriend to get her to talk to him, a move that left her in tears. “I asked him if he understands the magnitude of what he’s done to me. He says he’s sorry and told me that if I come back, he’ll make things right, and we can rebuild our relationship and that my mother would take care of the child.”

But despite the proposal of rebuilding the relationship, Vanessa said she gave her BF an ultimatum: “I was like give me my things or I’m putting you in jail.” 

@julesv0923 I’ll never forget this day… #fyp #foryou #heartbreak #relationship #cheater ♬ Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation) – M83

The story has gone viral, with 3.8million views and comments like: “I would never forgive the both of them; that’s excruciating.” Another wrote: I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine being betrayed by my mother that way. Sending you love.” A third added: “Normalize breaking up with family no matter who it is!” However, it’s reported that Vanessa’s BF had even been married. 

In another clip, multiple women reached out to Vanessa, revealing they’d had sexual relations with the philandering BF while still dating.

Mum Pregnant By Daughter BF 4

She reportedly explained: “I had multiple women reach out to me on socials once started coming out with the story, and they’ve let me know that they’ve either had relations with him or they were in long-term relationships with him. Right now I’m in a new place and trying to heal and trying to move on with my life.” 

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