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‘I Caught My Husband Cheating With Our Nanny From Disney Ride Photo’


‘I Caught My Husband Cheating With Our Nanny From Disney Ride Photo’

She now shares a baby with the ex-husband.

Natalie, a happier, divorced mom, shares the story of how she became one in a viral TikTok clip. The mom hired a nanny to help her look after her child, but instead of doing her job, she was linking arms with her husband and recently gave birth to her ex-husband’s baby.

The 33-year-old wrote in her TikTok storytime, “We went to Disneyland [sic] in Orlando and took the nanny with us to help with the kids … Not the husband.”

“I was going through old photos and came across more than one where they were a little too close,” she shared her observation.

Then she showed one of the pictures where the nanny seated with her husband on the ride leaned over and locked hands with him.

Natalie and their little girl were also on the ride just right in front of them. The well-off mom, who has two kids, actually hired two nannies and decided to invite them both for the vacation to keep each other accompanied when they’re bored.

She then revealed that the nanny’s attitude had been horrendous considering what she did after Natalie called out on her.

She shared in a post after the divorce, “My ex-husband has actually been quite lovely and remorseful, and just sweet considering the situation.”

But her nanny was “quite the opposite,” as she often received offensive messages from the woman. She moved in straight after Natalie moved out of their old villa. She was also banned from going back to her old house to pick up her children or getting back their personal belongings.

She shared, “She actually filed a police report against me at the beginning of all of this because when I found out [about their affair], I went ape s**t. I lost myself, completely.”

“I got a phone call from the police saying, ‘Apparently, you were calling her a slut and hurling abuse at her. And I was like, ‘Yep! I did that. Not going to deny it because she is a slut.'”

The charges were eventually dropped, and looking back, Natalie shared that she wished they’d been frank about it with her. She told her viewers, “At the end of the day if they really love each other — they just had a baby together — then, who am I to stop them from being together?”

“The way that it was handled was just so wrong, and her attitude towards me is just so wrong. How can she possibly be that horrible towards me?”

The Ibiza-based mom flyer shared, “I just wanted to explain why my videos are more angled towards her and not him.”

While she seems to have accepted the husband’s mild temper and remorse, viewers thought otherwise.

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One user wrote, “#1-you are the victim. #2-remorseful ex likely has realized grass not greener. #3-she sounds like garbage. They both betrayed you & you’re entitled to drag her if you want. She is not innocent-my guess is that you had a lifestyle she wanted & did whatever it took to get it.”

Another reminded her, “His ‘remorse’ is nothing but saving face. I hope they will be miserable for each other n experience the betrayal worst way. Can’t wait to see u shine.”

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