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‘My Husband Of 10 Years Died And I Had To Tell His Mistress’


‘My Husband Of 10 Years Died And I Had To Tell His Mistress’

Bridgette holds nothing against the mistress as she doesn’t want to cause further trauma in her life.

Bridgette Davis lost her husband and the father of her two kids to suicide in 2018. As she grief, the 36-Year-Old found her husband’s mistress wanted to know about his death and had even shamelessly admitted to knowing the man was married with children. 

Interestingly, the mistress insisted her lover needed her for support and asked for the location of his grave, but Bridgette refused to give out the information.

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As seen in a screenshot of their Instagram DMs, their exchange started with the mistress’ reaction to the sad news. She wrote: “F***. I can’t believe this. I can’t; I’m losing it. I can’t do this again. He promised me. Can I go to where he was buried?” It’s unknown what he had promised her, but it’s surely not that he wouldn’t die. 

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In response, Bridgette said: “NO.” 


There is a lot to unpack here.

Crazy – Patsy Cline

As she shared this to TikTok, her video [above] cuts to a shot of her face as Patsy Cline’s song Crazy plays. It’s presumed that Bridgette dubs the mistress crazy for thinking her request was appropriate. In follow-up videos, she shared how she asked the mistress if she knew her husband was married to her for ten years, and they have two kids that she homeschooled together.


The mistress appeared unbothered, saying: “He said 14 or 16 years? Yes. I know a lot about things.”


He needed support, [he] told me him, and I were peas in a pod.

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In another clip, Bridgette shared how she knew about the mistress, breaking down his mental health struggles and their marital troubles leading to his death. 

@bridgettedavis08 Reply to @amandafdanielle Tom’s Diner – AnnenMayKantereit & Giant Rooks

She said her husband struggled with mental illness his entire life and, in the fall of 2017, was diagnosed with bipolar II. In the same year, the TikToker found some questionable things on her husband’s phone that she confronted him about.

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But sadly, the confrontation with her husband [pictured] ended up in a big argument, and he left for the night.

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Things didn’t go all smooth on his return, and it even got to the extent Bridgette’s in-laws had to get involved but eventually, he told her he had met someone on a dating website in March 2018.

@bridgettedavis08 Reply to @tread_lightly_ww original sound – Bridgette Davis

However, the mom-of-two has insisted her husband’s mistress had the right to know about his death, especially as she doesn’t have anything against her and knew that the man she married and the man she was dating was two different people. Perhaps her 11-Year-Old and a 13-Year-Old might one day come across her video. 

Bridgette has refused to expose the mistress and claims the incident all over social media sounds therapeutic.

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