'My Cousin Wants Me To Donate $500 For Her Wedding - I Refused Her'

‘My Cousin Wants Me To Donate $500 For Her Wedding – I Refused Her’

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We hate family dramas. Every time it happens, there is always that one person that loves to pull the ‘we’re family’ card as an excuse for their behavior, just like how this woman had to bear with her family’s finger-pointing because she refused to finance her cousin’s wedding.

Helping people is fine, but giving out a large sum of money, i.e., $500, for luxurious parties, such as a wedding, should be considered ‘helping.’ But here we are. She decided to post her story on Reddit, where the whole Reddit told her that her cousin was way too entitled.


“AITA for saying no to donating money to my cousin’s wedding?”


People were raging over how her family saw this as completely acceptable. One user asked if it is customary in her culture or family and if the amount is seen as normal. Or if crowdfunding had always been the way for her family.


The author answered, “To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, wedding gifts weren’t discussed or anything.”

“But it’s customary for us to bring a wedding gift (something for their house etc.) when we attend, so I believe wedding gifts are still required, but I am not sure,” she added.

She further explained, “Where we are from, it’s customary for family members to volunteer and offer to pay for a specific item or thing needed for the wedding if they are able (chairs, or utensils, etc.), but calling to request a specific amount isn’t part of our culture, so we didn’t know how to handle it as this is the first time it’s happened.”

When you’re economically strained and your family members demand you fund their lavish party: no.