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‘My Boyfriend Slept With My Mom While I Was Giving Birth To Our Baby’


‘My Boyfriend Slept With My Mom While I Was Giving Birth To Our Baby’

While she was having contractions, her boyfriend couldn’t be contacted.

A woman found out that her boyfriend was sleeping with her own mother while she was giving birth to their child at the hospital. Alyssa-Mae Harrison, then 18, was completely heartbroken when her boyfriend, Ryan Williams, whom she’d dated for seven years, slept with her own mom, Tammy Sturdy.

It all started so sweet but ended in a devastating heartbreak that ruined her family.

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“The start of my relationship with Ryan was amazing. He was romantic and we couldn’t stand to be apart,” she shared in storytime. “But then it turned toxic. He cheated several times, but I was a mug and kept forgiving him and believing he would change.”

“He used to cry and beg me to stay. I felt sorry for him. Back in February 2018, I was rushed to the hospital with bad contractions. I rang Ryan and he didn’t answer the first few times until eventually, I got through.”

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“He told me something had come up and therefore he wasn’t going to make it. He came later on that night to visit me and the baby in the hospital and acted fine. I didn’t notice anything weird about it at this point. We went back home and lived a normal life for a while.”

Things were normal until Alyssa’s neighbor shared something with her.

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“I didn’t find out until two years later. My neighbors showed me camera footage of my mum constantly entering and leaving my property when I wasn’t home, which made me suspicious,” she explained.

“I then found messages between my mother and ex-boyfriend, with nude photos and details and dates of the incidents, including when I was giving birth. I confronted him and he confessed.”

“I felt heartbroken, betrayed, and like a failure. I blamed myself for months,” she continued. But it wasn’t for long and Alyssa took action to free herself from the toxic people in her life.

“As soon as I found out, I packed Ryan’s stuff and threw it over the balcony and told him to leave.”

“I’ve never looked back and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

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She’s also cut off her mom since she found out about them. The mom, who is currently expecting another baby in 2022, shares that she’d never expected her story would blow up. Many felt “shock and disgusted” and the story.

She encouraged those who are hurt to never take them back and to “put yourself first.”


This actually happened

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Alyssa’s mother claimed, however, that her daughter is a compulsive liar and she’d disowned her, saying, “I was not aware of the TikTok video. It’s all lies.”

Meanwhile, Alyssa showed a screenshot of allegedly her mom’s conversation with her ex.

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