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Mom Soaks Her Entire Tesco Purchase In Bath Over Fears Of Infection


Mom Soaks Her Entire Tesco Purchase In Bath Over Fears Of Infection

What precautions are you taking?

Humans are rightly doing everything they can to protect their family and loved ones from the COVID-19 infection.

It’s important to follow rules, including staying at home and washing hands regularly in order to assist in flattening the curve of confirmed cases of the virus in the United Kingdom.

The officials at NHS have equally repeatedly advised on how to prevent the spread and look after personal health amid the pandemic.

Nevertheless, some people are beginning to add their own preventive measures on the list, with many proving to be more unconventional than others.

Recently, a mom who wanted to clean her food shop before going into the cupboards and fridge in her home has decided the best means, which entails giving it all a bit of bubble bath – a method not recommended for replicate.

A photo shared with Twitter users shows Greek Yoghurts, feta cheese, tomatoes, Pink Lady apples, Broccoli, Tzatziki and cauliflower all being granted a long hot soak. A tube of Haagen-Dazs was equally spotted sitting on the side to monitor the whole process.

‘What precautions are you all taking during this worldwide pandemic? My mom is bathing all of her Tesco delivery.’ Evie Lancaster, who shared the image said. Garnering over 45,000likes and 11,000 retweets, some internet users were left in amusement at the weird photo.

A user commented: ‘Every little help.’

A second added: ‘Ice cream passed a swimming instructor session.’

‘If it’s a hot bath, then that’s a banging soup right there!’ A third added.

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