Mom Slammed Target For Selling Crop Tops To Young Girls

Mom Slammed Target For Selling Crop Tops To Young Girls

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Finally, we are taking steps to stop women from being overly sexualized. It’ll take a lot longer before we reach the ideal future, but every step matters. A mother expresses her discomfort with seeing a crop top targeted at kids on Facebook.

Every parent is worried when they see underage children are doing ‘adult’ things in movies, so what about fashion?


The post goes viral with more than 84k shares and 6.4k comments from fellow parents. The post invited a discourse between parents who think this is so wrong and others who blame adults that sexualize the crop top. K-Leigh Taylor’s post brings up, and important discussions parents need to have.

“Let kids wear what they want.”

However, she shows how it wasn’t the crop top but the fact that it was aimed at young children.

Yet, does control what your child wear might cause them to feel overly conscious about their body?

On the ‘For’ side, parents argue that protecting kids include covering their young ones.

Another user shares that she used to work for an outlet that sells children’s clothing. She commented, “I put TONS of crop tops into the junior and little girls section. It was disgusting.”

‘Anything’ is not okay!

Another pointed out that you shouldn’t be putting your child’s body on a show!

How people choose to look at your child is not something you can control. Just like how you can’t stop men from fantasizing about adult women no matter what they wear. But children, who are still too young to make thought-out decisions after properly weighing the pros and cons, must be protected by adults.

A mother shared how she changed her mind and decided to cover her child up from leering eyes.

Apparently, it was a rash guard/swim shirt. But the discussions over whether crop tops are proper continued to be debated anyway.