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Mom Left Her Husband Of 14 Years For Her ‘Soulmate,’ Only To Be Rejected


Mom Left Her Husband Of 14 Years For Her ‘Soulmate,’ Only To Be Rejected

She now works as a life coach.

A mother shared how she left her old, organized life after her heart was stirred up by a man she met at a dinner event. Amanda Trenfield’s memoir “When A Soulmate Says No” tells the story of when she got rejected by a man she believed was her soulmate.

Last week, an excerpt from the book was published in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald.’

A reader commented on the story, “The book is called “when a soulmate says no” lmaooooo she ruined her life for nothing!!! one of the biggest Ls we’ve ever seen.”

She recalls their “unbelievably cosmic” reunion in the book, “As I settled into my seat, I looked up and immediately lost my breath. When our eyes met there was an instant familiarity that ran deeper than water-cooler chat. These eyes had locked before. Twelve years earlier. His name was Jason. I hadn’t forgotten.”

She never gave details about their first meeting, but the fiery moment continued.

“Over the course of the evening, my attraction to Jason developed. I soon became aware of his every breath and I unconsciously mirrored his pace. I caught myself, embarrassingly, looking at his chest through his slim-fitted white evening shirt. Yes, he had a fit, toned and attractive body, but was it his chest I was drawn to?”

She continued, “By the time the group left the restaurant late in the evening, all my senses were on high alert. It was abundantly clear that the energy between Jason and me was somehow charged.”

She remembered going in for a hug to say goodbye and whispering in his ears, “This isn’t over, I need to see you again.”

The married woman said she had “never experienced this sensation,” and she had no doubt “that the energy we experienced that evening was our souls connecting.”

“I left a different woman,” she remarked. “I knew in my heart, in my soul, in the very fabric of my being that I had profoundly changed. I couldn’t articulate the feelings, the sensations, the experience.”

“The connectedness I experienced with Jason was at a level impossible to describe. All I knew for certain was that this one encounter, in the most unlikely of places, under the most unusual of circumstances, had dramatically altered my life.”

Trenfield ended her 14-year marriage less than a month after the electrifying meeting. But throughout the time, the two never had any further communication.

She wrote in the book, “The woman who had always been so careful, so planned, so organized and so clear about the path her life would take, had just made the most dramatic decision of her life, one affecting those dearest to her — her family.”

But while the story conveniently left the biggest plot twist, that was him rejecting the divorced woman later. One user tweeted, “Of course, he said no! She ghosted her husband after one night! I’d be afraid of dating someone with no object permanence, too.”

Another wrote, “Reading that whole thing and getting to this at the very end actually caused such a full-body involuntary cackle, truly 10/10 perfect joke structure.”

One pointed out how this embarrassing story will be out there for her kids to read, “Lady your kids will read this one day and will know that you blew up the family because you got too horny on shiraz.”

But some think she “left a marriage that most likely needed to end” and she and her ex-husband seem happier now. “Sounds like a win,” wrote the commentator.

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