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“I Love Cheating On My BF At Christmas – Santa Gets Me In The Mood”


“I Love Cheating On My BF At Christmas – Santa Gets Me In The Mood”

In the mood for a bit of a wild ride?

Is there anything such as ‘cheating season’? It’s genuine for a woman from West Midlands. Suzy, currently based in Solihull admits that she leads a very wild life, especially during the holiday season.

A night induced with bo*ze and wild parties get her going all the time. The festive mood riles her more to find flings despite being in a steady relationship. She shared, “Santa brings out the devil in me, and I always have one-night stands at Christmas. You are out with all the girls and go looking for fun after a few drinks.

“Obviously, last year was a write-off, but I have been making up for lost time this year, and I have already had two flings.”

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She also shared that she’s found two flings, one of which sang Unchained Melody flawlessly. The other was a mechanic she met at the club. But she’s not worried about them jeopardizing her relationship.

“My boyfriend is lovely, but he knows I can be a bit outrageous when I have had a few drinks,” she shared. It’s not an open relationship, but he’s just pretended to not know what she’s been up to.

“I have always been highly sexed, and the thought of staying with just one man for the rest of my life is boring.”

woman cheats on Christmas day 2

“Most of my boyfriends have known this. We have either had an open relationship, or they have turned a blind eye to my cheating because they know what I am like.”

“My current fella is lovely, but he knows I have got a wandering eye. He was aware that I had a couple of flings with the dating site over the summer,” she revealed.

“The first was with a nightclub owner who loves having affairs. We had a lot of fun, and the second was with a fella who works in insurance. His wife had gone off sex.”

December is a month where people have fun accompanied by bo*ze.

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And with a few drinks, a lot of couples are more like to do it with the time off. The average frequency can go up to 4 times a week and it seems that December 18 might be the night a lot of people get drunk in passion. UK cheating site Illicit Encounters shares that it would be ‘Frisky Friday’ when people are most likely to cheat the day before.

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