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Model Praised For Flaunting Her ‘Real Body’ As She Modelled Skimpy Bikini

Body Positivity

Model Praised For Flaunting Her ‘Real Body’ As She Modelled Skimpy Bikini

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t need to lose 6 pounds before your holiday.”

Sophie Louise Hughes has been applauded for sharing photos of her real bikini body, as she urged people not to change their bodies to don the two-piece ensemble. In her post of two snaps, the model in a photo on the left showed herself posing with her bikini bottoms lifted to reveal her hourglass shape. She then showed herself beaming an un-posed sporting a more relaxed stature on the right. 

The body-positivity model with 26K followers on Instagram is known for spreading messages of self-love and encouragement to those struggling with body image. 

Her newest snaps of herself in a brand new white bikini with a blue pattern have since attracted comments, including being praised for her honesty in showing what a real body looks like in a bikini. One person commented: “I needed to hear this today.” Another said: Amen! Beautiful.” Sophie then directed her fans to Jacqueline Jossa’s range on InTheStyle, where they could pick up the cute swimsuit.

Her caption on the post read: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t need to lose 6 pounds before your holiday, it’s ok to eat carbs before marbs and you’re bloody beautiful just as you are [sic].”

Model Praised For Flaunting Her 'Real Body' As She Modelled Skimpy Bikini
via Instagram

In another post, Sophie encouraged people not to treat their bodies like a before photo. She insisted: “Your life and your self-worth do not magically transform when you lose 6 pounds. You must find a way to love the body you are in today, even if you are on a journey of transformation. All you have is today. Choose to be happy today. Choose to accept that you are enough, today. Because these days aren’t coming back honey.”

The model equally urged her followers not to compare themselves to other people online, especially how they pose and use lighting to improve their bodies.

In a different post, Sophie explained how she became so confident in her figure, even though it’s a work in progress. “People ask me all the time how I’m so confident in my body, and the honest answer is some days I absolutely love it, I really do, I could dance down the street in my knickers and shout about how far I’ve come since I was that 15-year-old girl who was crippled with self-doubt and used food as punishment.”

“Other days I still look at that little back roll like she’s the devil reincarnated. I look at my belly. I pinch her, I prod her and I place my entire self-worth upon her as if losing that inch or three would validate me in some way.”

While Sophie sometimes doubts how she looks, she keeps positive by following women who inspire her. She had previously urged her audience to wear the bikini, ride the roller coaster, not to get off nor give up but keep riding it until the moments of self-doubt are far outweighed by the moments where they are truly themselves in all its glory. 

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