Woman Proudly Shares Before And After Snaps Of Herself To Show Her 'Real' Body

Woman Proudly Shares Before And After Snaps Of Herself To Show Her ‘Real’ Body

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It’s so easy to drown in a world that keeps telling you how you should look to be considered pretty. Fitness influencer Victoria Garrick shares her own pictures on how crazy toxic beauty standards can be compared to an average, healthy body.

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She shared these pictures with her 341k followers on Instagram.

“I post side-by-sides like this to show how images can deceive us…” the woman wrote in her post.

“Scrolling through carefully curated pictures online can trick us into thinking that there is only ONE way for our bodies to look. If I had only posted the pictures on the left, you might walk away thinking THAT is what my body looks like all the time,” she continued.

In the post, she attached three comparison pictures where one she’s posing and sucking her stomach in. While in the other picture, she’s just being relaxed.

“But the truth is, ALL bodies look TONS of different ways depending on lighting, clothing, the angle, the pose, and the day! (These pictures were taken just moments apart, yet my body looks drastically different in each pic.).”

“Neither photo of me is better or worse; all are just simply MY BODY!”

“And yes, of course, you can rock a cutout sports bra no matter what your back looks like! The pic on the right is what my back looks like naturally; on the left, I was intensely posing and uncomfortable.”

Her top had a crisscross back design with cutouts that easily lets clumps of fat gather. But Victoria assures people that you don’t need to be supermodel shape to be considered normal or even pretty.

She shared before, “Feeling/being ‘sexy’ is not something that comes naturally to me…”

But thanks to her friends’ encouragement, she felt like taking a group shot in black bikinis and shared them with her Instagram followers.

It’s really just a picture taken from an excellent angle with experience in posing. Don’t let that define what you should look like in your day-to-day activity!

People thanked her for the well-thought-out encouragement post. One commented, “Today, I was not feeling well with my body. Thanks for this, we are only human, and that is completely fine.”