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20 Celebrities Over 50 Whose Youthful Appearance Giving Us Real Body Goals


20 Celebrities Over 50 Whose Youthful Appearance Giving Us Real Body Goals

Real goals to have when I hit my golden age!

By age terms, you’d call them elderly. But once you know who these ‘elderly’ are, you can’t help yourself but realize they look way too young to be called so. This isn’t just about having a youthful appearance – these celebrities worked hard to maintain their gorgeous bodies. How are they not inspiring?!

Musician Celine Dion is 52.

celinedion, celinedion

Halle Berry, she’s 54, can you believe that?!

halleberry, halleberry

Courteney Cox at 56, looks like she never aged.

courteneycoxofficial, courteneycoxofficial

Nicole Kidman who’s 53 now.

nicolekidman, nicolekidman

Elle Machpherson, 56.

ellemacphersonofficial, ellemacphersonofficial

Catherine Zeta-Jones truly shining on her golden age.

catherinezetajones, catherinezetajones

Kylie Minogue is 52.

kylieminogue, kylieminogue

Never realized that Angela Bassett is 62 now!

im.angelabassett, im.angelabassett

Jennifer Lopez, can you believe she’s 51?

Jlo, Jlo

Jennifer Anniston still stylish at 51.

jenniferaniston, jenniferaniston

Jane Seymour, 69.

janeseymour, janeseymour

Salma Hayek, aged 54.


Julianne Moore, 59.

juliannemoor, juliannemoore

Goldie Hawn is now 74!

goldiehawn, goldiehawn

Cindy Crawford, 54.

cindycrawford, cindycrawford

Mariska Hargitay, 56.

therealmariskahargitay, therealmariskahargitay

Vanessa Williams rocking it at 57.

vanessawilliamsofficial, vanessawilliamsofficial

Diva Madonna is 62!

Madonna, Madonna

Demi Moore at 57.

demimoore, demimoore

Jane Lynch is 60.

janelynchoffical, janelynchoffical

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