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Dear Guys, You Don’t Need To Touch My Waist To Get Through


Dear Guys, You Don’t Need To Touch My Waist To Get Through

There are so many more ways to get our attention to move!

So, flash news, women don’t like to be touched by strangers around the waist and lower back by strangers. Doesn’t sound new, does it? But imagine if you had to move someone who’s on your way aside by the waist. As a woman, you might find this really peculiar, but as a guy, ring a bell?

Unless we know each other and we’ve given you consent, DON’T. DO. THIS. EVER.

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There are many ways to get our attention and one of them is by speaking. Yes, nothing new there. The usual ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Coming through’ are usually enough unless we’re terribly deaf. But if we do happen to be deaf, we don’t usually lack the ability to feel a tap on our shoulders.

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Also, guess what. This isn’t new news. Women DON’T LIKE IT in general.


Honestly, we’re not always this mad about people who’re in a rush to get out. But whenever you could remind yourself not to, PLEASE, keep both hands to yourself and just call out to us when you need to, or tap our shoulders. We’ll always make sure to move the heck away for you.

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