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Men Share 20 Hilarious Stories On How Hard It Is To Get Along With Women


Men Share 20 Hilarious Stories On How Hard It Is To Get Along With Women

“Time to put that nice camera on your phone to good use.”

Living on planet Earth means that you will sooner or later, encounter women. Men, whose mind have been scientifically proven to function slightly different than women, are always finding it hard trying to understand them and vice versa. But you have no choice – you can’t avoid women forever.

Be that your mother, daughter, wife or sister, you can’t avoid them. Greenlemon has, therefore, compiled 20 of the funniest and most frustrating stories men have encountered in socializing with women.

1. “Men are so messy and lazy.”

© WeASeL_Antigua / Reddit

2. They may still love you, but they change in time.

© justsomewichick / Twitter

3. Exhibit: Man trying to become a girl’s dream boyfriend.

© shiras94 / Twitter

4. Proud student/dad after learning a few makeup phrases.

© sleepybitchclub / Twitter

5. There should be a major on ‘Women’s language and literature’.

© treschenko24 / Twitter

6. Wife made a lovely birthday cake.

© Imago_Mothtoya / Reddit

7. Men enjoy shopping as well.

© Stusha88 / Pikabu

8. Men also have to understand the sacrifice behind beauty.

© ToppsBlooby / Reddit

9. Men couldn’t help but be amazed of women’s attentiveness.

© ristolable / Twitter

10. Wife left husband to pack lunch for kids.

© dfaber84 / Twitter

11. Women have a particularly selective hearing.

© Hfqvth / Twitter

12. Dating means you’re a full-time photographer.

© Kate_Whyte / Twitter

13. Because a woman can never have too many pictures.

© Jacindyyy / Twitter

14. It also means you need to educate yourself on modelling and lighting as well.

© HarryShumJr / Twitter

15. Hints.

© tanniaaflawless / Twitter

16. And they know how to make you feel bad.

© Gregggyboy / Twitter

17. And they can’t take it when their girl give that silent treatment.

© _jodieduncan / Twitter

18. Women with direction is like men with their bag.

© squidslippers / Twitter

19. Plan B is always necessary.

© Yahaco / Pikabu

20. And men can never find that place…

© JustFray / Twitter

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