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McDonald’s Worker Reveals Exactly How McRib Is Made And It Goes Viral


McDonald’s Worker Reveals Exactly How McRib Is Made And It Goes Viral

We don’t intend to spoil your appetite!

The McRib was welcomed at all McDonald’s restaurants in 2012! Yearly, McDonald’s releases the sandwich for a limited time, typically four to six weeks. Many people actively look forward to its production time, but then how much do you know about this beloved sandwich? The more you look into how the sandwich was made and what precisely goes into getting it to your table, the less delicious it might become. 

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We don’t intend to spoil your appetite, but TikTok user @thatonedepressedginger’s revelation about the sandwich will open your eye to the unknown. The TikTok user, who’s presently a McDonald’s employee, revealed the behind-the-scenes videos, showing what the McRib appear like when it arrives at restaurants. 

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The employee demonstrated how the frozen meat patties are cooked, kept warm, and slathered in a sauce before being served to customers. Racking over three million views, the video showed numerous frozen McRib patties that are white rectangles with rib bumps on the top layer. Having tossed them on the grill, the employee then stored the cooked sauce-less patties in a warming oven.

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‘I don’t know how long those have been in there.’ The employee said, adding that the uncooked McRib is nasty. Other warming ovens, as seen in the clip, were filled with BBQ sauce. Presumably, the McRib is next to be served. It turned out some commenters agree with the employee’s opinion of the McRib’s being nasty, while a few others revealed it’s precisely what they expect raw, frozen meat would look like. 


As promised the Famously Imfamous McRib from McDonald’s #mcdonalds

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The news that McDonald’s planned on bringing back the sandwich was recently met with delight. ‘It’s always when is the McRib coming back and never how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account. Good morning everyone who asked how I was doing last week and to everyone else…McRib is back 12.2.’ McDonald’s had said on Twitter.

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McDonald’s Worker Reveals Exactly How McRib Is Made And It Goes Viral 18
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‘The McRib is coming back! Maybe 2020 isn’t bad after all.’ A user had said, while a second added:’ Tears. Tears of joy. The McRib is back.’ Nevertheless, the boneless pork sandwich has longed been a favorite of fans since invented in 1982 by Rene Arend, McDonald’s first executive chef. Rene, who was also the inventor of McNugget, had told Maxim in 20019 that he was inspired by the pork sandwiches he ate in Charleston, South Carolina.  

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