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McDonald’s Worker Shares The Actual Purpose Of Hollow End Of McFlurry Spoon


McDonald’s Worker Shares The Actual Purpose Of Hollow End Of McFlurry Spoon

There you go. Your longtime mystery is solved!

The cats are out of the bag! The mystery of the McFlurry spoons given to customers at McDonald’s is finally solved.

For a long time, customers of the fast-food chain have been finding answers to the chunky hollow design/end of the McFlurry spoons, which of course couldn’t be used to drink the McFlurry despite looking like a straw.

The McDonald’s spoon signature has a square opening at the top and a lot of the fast-food customers have been made to believe it’s placed there in order to drink through it, but honestly, that isn’t it.

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Turned out the square end is there for a far more practical reason, which many of its customers had never considered. Just recently, an employee at McDonald’s shared a video on TikTok, putting an end to the finding answers.

Garnering over 3.8million views, the employee who goes by the name @Marzpire captioned the viral clip: ‘Have you ever wondered why you can’t drink out of the McFlurry Spoon?


If u didnt know, now u do 😄 #mcflurry #mcdonalds #icecream #mcdonaldssecrets #howto #canada

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Sharing more insight, the employee made a McFlurry with a big dollop of ice cream and sprinkled toppings, before placing the lid and dropping the spoon in the middle. Highlighting what the spoon is really for, the employee went on to slot it onto a machine using the square opening at the top, which evidently spin the spoon to mix the chocolate all the way down.

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Reacting, a user said: ‘Wow! You just solved one of whole life findings.’ A second said: ‘Well, this explains it all after several years.’ On the other hand, the interesting revelation infuriated some customers, who asked why their toppings were never mixed when they ordered a McFlurry. ‘If the spoon was for mixing, why haven’t you ever mixed it for me?’ A third queried.

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