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Man Has Been Making Accidental Eye Contact With His Neighbor, So He Decided To ‘Talk’ To Him


Man Has Been Making Accidental Eye Contact With His Neighbor, So He Decided To ‘Talk’ To Him

We hope they become really good friends after this!

The lockdown situation has depraved a lot of us from social interactions at least in person. Texting, calling and even gaming don’t always surmise to what meeting in person does. We can barely keep in contact with old friends, let alone making new ones.

But a man named Steve from Aalborg, Denmark has proven that you CAN make friends even in isolation with a little bit of effort. He did it social-distancing-style.

“So I sit at my desk all day and do school work/work-work, and there’s a guy in the apartment building next to mine that does the same.”

Does this setting sounds familiar to you? To many of us, lockdown means staying in your apartment room for the whole day. Your only view would be the quieter city and neighbors. It gets awkward because your eyes may end up wandering to other people’s rooms or even making eye contacts with them.

“Yesterday I had enough; time to make some friends, social distance style!”

Our guy decided to start the conversation by scribbling words on a paper and attach them on the window. He wrote, “Guy at desk. Want 2 be friends?”

To which the other person replied, “Me? Sure!”

He introduced himself and asked back. Steve introduced himself and asked what does his neighbor do. The conversation continues to go well and we can only imagine that their neighbors who saw this are enjoying the social interactions!

They found similarities in studying and gaming!

Neighbor replied, “Hi, Steve. I write my thesis and play games. How about you?”

Steve replied back, “Cool! I’m also studying + gaming. This is fun!”

His neighbor couldn’t agree more to him. “It is fun. Cool, what do you record, Steve?”

We’re all wondering at this point if Steve has a studio set up, so when a fellow Internet user asked about it Steve explained. “I do voice recordings (there’s a big marker for people with N. American accents here in Aalborg) with a fancy mic and was recently recording for some Hack The Crisis Hackathon pitches. He must have seen me and my friends.”

He further explains that he’s originally a Canadian and Aalborg is an International university town which makes more sense to use English instead of Danish.

Steve replied, “Hack the Crisis. What do you study?”

And his neighbor replied, knowing what it meant, “Cool. Hackathon. Hope you get a nice result. Techno anthropology. You?”

Yes, you are wondering what is this study that even anthropologists have never heard of. Quoting from the university site that is based in Aalborg, the study focuses on developing “knowledge, skills and competences in working with technology across a wide range of activities such as technology assessment, technology innovation, technology-driven change, technology use and technology ethics.”


And Steve replied, “Thanks! We didn’t win, but it was fun. Cool study! I study comp-science.”

Our computer-science student has been receiving a tremendous positive reactions from the community. And we can all agree that Steve is showing the same energy as the guy who got a date while still abiding to the social-distancing rule with the help of a drone!

People are so happy seeing this post despite the negativity that is surrounding the world.



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