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King Charles’ Hilarious Reaction To A Fan Asking Him Out For A Beer Goes Viral

King Charles Goes Viral For His Reaction To Fan Asking Him Out For A Beer


King Charles’ Hilarious Reaction To A Fan Asking Him Out For A Beer Goes Viral

It’s unknown if Charles is actually that King you could have a beer with.

King Charles has been in the headlines since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Numerous have been said of the new King, but recently, he’s gone viral for delivering an epic quick-witted response to being asked out for a beer at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. 

Charles Beer Reaction 8

It was filmed on July 28th, when Charles was still Prince but surfaced again after ascending the throne. 

Charles Beer Reaction 1
via andrewgould6/TikTok

The 14-minute video that captured the incident has attained over 8million views and still counting. In it, bystander Andrew Gould showed Charles waving to the crowd when Daniel Walker, 36, uttered: “Charles, do you want to go for a beer?” The royal replied, looking slightly confused: “What?”

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Walker repeated his question, after which the Prince’s eyes twinkled, and he replied, “Where?” 

Charles Beer Reaction 2
via andrewgould6/TikTok

The unscripted moment caused the crowd, including the royal, to burst into laughter as Charles added: “You’ll have to recommend somewhere.” Speaking of the legendary exchange in an interview with Jam Press, Walker of Birmingham admitted that the incident is something he could talk about for the rest of his life.

Charles Beer Reaction 3
via andrewgould6/TikTok

Walker added: “I had only finished work and was walking to meet my mates for a drink, where I was minding my business –until I suddenly saw him.”

Charles Beer Reaction 7 1
via Jam Press

“I thought, if I’m going for a pint, perhaps I’ll ask if he wants one as well,” Walker, according to NyPost, stated. “I think he thought he was getting heckled at first, as I was shouting his name, and I’m quite tall, so the initial response was slightly rude. But after I repeated myself, I couldn’t believe it as I didn’t think he would respond to me.” Walker alleged the exchange made him like Charles even more because he saw his human side.

Charles Beer Reaction 6 1
via andrewgould6/TikTok

He also revealed that Charles’s security detail eventually informed him to wait as the royal wanted to meet him.

Charles Beer Reaction 4
via Jam Press

“He was about to walk off, but then saw me and put his hand out before asking what I did as a job. He commented I was a proper Brummie lad [a British slang for someone from Birmingham and wished me all the best. People don’t see all the good things he’s done, as they’re always looking for the negative but I’ve got a lot of respect for him.” 

The digital marketing employee hopes Charles will honor his invitation in the future.

Charles Beer Reaction 5
via Jam Press

He continued: “I hope he’s still up for that pint as It’d be unbelievable. It can be my treat as well, as a good luck on his new job.” So far, the encounter has earned the monarch fans on TikTok as one person wrote: “The future king has time for people.” Another exclaimed: “Love seeing some humanity in him, very quick good to see.” While a third stated: “He’s winning me over.” 

A few shared similar informal exchanges with the monarch, with one saying: “He has the sense of humor as his mum.”

Charles Beer Reaction 9

Another wrote: “Fortunate enough to have met him twice, and in private, he’s so down to earth and funny.” A third claimed: “He’s really funny! Met him when I was 17 and asked if I could marry one of his sons. He said take your pick.” However, Queen Elizabeth II showcased she had a good sense of humor when she epically trolled two US tourists who didn’t know her castle.  

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