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Woman, 22, Arrested For Booing King Charles At A Proclamation


Woman, 22, Arrested For Booing King Charles At A Proclamation

The anti-monarchy protester is accused of breach of the peace.

Police have confirmed a woman has been detained for her anti-monarchy sign in connection with a breach of the peace at King Charles’ proclamation in Edinburgh. The 22-Year-Old [unnamed] sparked anger, holding a sign that read: “F**k imperialism, abolish the monarchy. 

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Other anti-monarchists at Mercat Cross in the Scottish capital also called for a republic. 

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The outrage emerged when His Majesty’s State Trumpeters sounded a fanfare at the famous Edinburgh Castle, and the Lord Lyon King of Arms read a proclamation for the King, which concluded with the words: “God save the King,” and a few crowds replied: “God Save the King.”

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As the few cheered at the proclamation, it eventually promoted the “Oh shut up” remark from angered ones. 

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The occasion continued with the national anthem being sung as a band played along. Some called for a republic as the music ended, but the ceremony continued, with The Lord Lyon King leading three cheers. Later, the proclamation was followed by a 21-gun salute from the city’s castle. 

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And as the King’s Body Guard and the guard of honor headed towards Edinburgh Castle, the gathered masses applauded. 

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When Police arrived to arrest the woman, a man shouted: “Let her go! It’s free speech!” Others chimed in: “Have some respect.” A spokeswoman for Police Scotland shared: “A 22-Year-Old woman was arrested outside St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, on Sunday 11 September 2022, in connection with a breach of the peace.”

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The proclamation occurred as the Queen’s cortege made way to Edinburgh along its route to her final resting place.

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DailyStar alleged the convoy, which included a hearse containing the Queen’s oak coffin, journeyed from Balmoral through Scotland’s major towns and is expected to arrive in Edinburgh at 4. p.m. Tens of thousands are also expected to line the famous Royal Mile to welcome the monarch. However, the Queen’s coffin will be in Edinburgh for 24hrs before making its way to London, accompanied by The Queen’s daughter Princess Anne. 

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