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Kendall Jenner Gets Personal And Reveals Her Biggest Turn On And Off


Kendall Jenner Gets Personal And Reveals Her Biggest Turn On And Off

Aww, adorable.

Calvin Klein’s newest ‘In Bed With’ advert this time features one of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star, Kendall Jenner. The supermodel was dressed in a gray Calvin Kelin sports bar coupled with sweatpants. He is also seen in a red and black plaid crop-top pajamas after it.

In this 8-minute advertisement, Kendall Jenner gets personal in sharing a bit of her life in bed.

“Hey guys it’s Kendall Jenner. Come get in the bed with me.”

The 24-year-old began with things she likes to do in bed. Like most people, she mostly chills out and enjoys Disney+, Apple TV or Netflix. Other times she’s seen enjoying her food ‘literally do nothing’. She also added that her favorite movies so far are ‘Step Brothers’, ‘Bridesmaids’, and ‘Marley & Me’.

What kind of snack does she enjoy in bed? She revealed shyly that it is cookies and ice cream and chili near her house. She also added that she’s more of an old soul who typically goes to bed early when she has no plans.

“I’m probably going to bed around 10 p.m. And I get up kind of early. I like to get my day started… I love a good Sunday when you have nothing to do and no alarms set,” said Kendall in the ad.

She’s also had quite the year as she gets to watch her nieces and nephews appearing on Vogue Italia’s cover.

The next question is the kind that piques most of our interest: What is your biggest turn on?

“My biggest turn on is probably someone who is confident and I really like a witty person. Someone who can make me laugh. The sillier you are, the more yourself you are, the more unfiltered you are, I think the better,” she continued.

Added with her biggest turn off: “Someone who is too filtered. Someone who is trying to be something their not or who is trying to prove something.”

Travis Bennett walks into the interview midway while carrying a box of pizza. The two have long been known as best friends since they met 7 years ago through Instagram’s DM while Jenner giggled and said, “He was a fan of me.”

She continued on how they became close friends, “I called him on his birthday as a favor to a friend kind of thing. A few weeks later, me and Kylie [Jenner] were in Hollywood. He was like we’re at Chick-Fil-A. Come hang out. Since then, we’ve all been best friends.”

They also shared how they saw each other as their own versions in different bodies. “We have an ongoing joke that he is the male version of me, physically, and I am the female version of him, physically.”

Next, she flashed a new pair of red and black plaid pajamas she chooses to wear in attending the brand’s holiday party.

It shows off her fit and trim midriff as she jumps back into bed, saying how she wished she could gossip with Marilyn Monroe in bed.

She left the advert saying she was late to attend Calvin Klein’s holiday party.

“I will see you soon,” says Kendall.

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