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Kardashian Hosted “SNL” And Roasted Kanye West Hilariously


Kardashian Hosted “SNL” And Roasted Kanye West Hilariously

It was more shocking than we think.

Kim Kardashian being invited to the Saturday Night Live show is probably one of the most shocking things ever. She never looked like a stand-up comedian, but so did a lot of people that appeared before her.

But anyways, the Kardashian family member slew the stage while roasting every single one of her family members. And even SNL itself!

She started with a classic story of herself.

And then poked fun at her sisters’ beauty treatments *clears throat*.

Then she shares that as a privileged person, she can’t relate to gold-diggers…

…so she tried to learn about it.

And she made something clear while she was at it:

Then, her relationship with Kanye West.

If Kanye West was there, what kind of expression was he making?!

SNL? Sounds like an intimate, chill night for her!

We all don’t know, but this one roast about O.J. Simpson’s murder trial whose defender was none other than Kim’s dad…

Less than 5 minutes, but she managed to leave so many burn marks.

Anyways, check it out below!

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