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Johnny Depp Clarified “It’s An Abstract Humor” When He Said He “Wanted To Burn” Amber Heard


Johnny Depp Clarified “It’s An Abstract Humor” When He Said He “Wanted To Burn” Amber Heard

Some texts were quotes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

On Monday, Johnny Depp concluded his testimony after four days on the witness stand in his trial against Amber Heard. The actor had been answering questions from Heard’s attorney, who alleged he was physically and sexually violent toward Heard, particularly when drunk or used drugs. 

During a cross-examination, Heard’s lawyer, Benjamin Rottenborn, had read out text messages sent to various people in 2013, including his friend Paul Bettany.

“Let’s burn amber!!!” One of the actor’s texts to Bettany read. In another, he wrote: “Let’s drown her before we burn her!!!” In a third, Depp went on: “I will f**k her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she is dead.” In response, Depp has admitted he’s ashamed of his language and explained some of the texts were quotes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

“This is a film that we all watched when we were 10. It’s just irreverent and abstract humor. That’s what we’re referring to in those texts,” Depp clarified.

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Of the op-ed piece in Washington Post that ruined Depp’s reputation, including losing movie roles and other work opportunities, Heard’s attorney has insisted his actions caused the damage to his career. But in response, Depp said the whole drama was blinding hurt and shared why he was motivated to sue. He explained: “It was like somebody hit me in the back of the head with a two-by-four.”

“I had no ability to speak prior to, because even if I had done an interview to try and explain myself, it would turn into hit piece, so my mouth was shut and this was the opportunity where I thought something’s gotta be done. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

The attorneys had also brought forth a conflicting explanation for how Depp injured his finger during a trip to Australia in 2015. While he had accused Heard of throwing a vodka bottle at him, Rottenborn pointed out Depp’s past statements that he hurt himself. An audio recording was even played in the courtroom, and Depp was heard as he uttered, “the day that I chopped my finger off.”

Of the 2015 injury, Ben King, Depp’s former house manager, testified he was the one to find the severed fingertip in the home’s bar area.

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Steve Helber / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

He added that property damage was all around, and he saw broken vodka bottles. The following day, King admitted he and Heard flew back to LA and then asked her how the house was damaged. He told the court: “She didn’t give much explanation if any. She did say ‘Ben, have you ever been so angry at someone that you just lost it with them?” So far, the former couple have both accused the other of domestic violence

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